Together We Have It All,Jessica & Brent

Together We Have It All,Jessica & Brent

United in Love,Devan & Trevor

Happily Ever After,Heather & Adam

Love Never Fails,Brittany & Tim

A Day to Remember,Arielle & Alan

Our Hearts are One,Brooke & Chip

When You Got a Good Thing,Christine & Nick

Today,Tomorrow and Always,Miranda & Steven

Celebration of Love,Cari & Terry

Showered with Love,Danielle & Nathan

Crazy Little Thing Called Love,Shanna & Dale

Making Memories of Us,Lauren & Chris

Blessed Beyond Measure,Allison & Adam

The First Day of Forever,Jess & Ryan

Love is All You Need,Amanda & Dillion

Love is Sweet,Crystal & Donnie

Love is a Journey,Amanda & Jin Wei

Let's Ride Together Forever,Cathy & Tommy

With Joyful Hearts,Leandra & Matt

A Lifetime of Happily Ever After,Tracy & Blaine

Forever And For Always,Ally & Scott

Remember this Moment,Yvonne & Aaron

Two Hearts Shall Be as One,Shannon & Parker

Witness the Enchantment,Dill & Matt

Our Special Day,Megan & Kevin

Forever Begins Today,Laura & Sam

When We Said I Do,Alexia & Tyler

Mountains of Love,Gingerellen & Adam

Here and Now,Krystal & Steven

You Know Our Love Was Meant To Be,Haley & Eric

We Found Love,Kay & Michael

We Found Love,Kay & Michael

Love for Life,Brittany & Chris

Forever & Always,Samantha & Michael

Forever & Always,Samantha & Michael

Love and Happiness,Lindsey & Alex

Our Kind of Love,Megan & Levi

So Happy Together,Sharon & Russ

A New Beginning,Jessica & Gregory

And We Said " I Do" Angela & Lake