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Love is Everlasting,Amy & Will

Love So Fine,Courtney & Alex

Dreams Do Come True,Courtney & Kendall

From this Day Forward,Wyndham & Erin

The Blending of Lives,Katrina & Justin

Sharing the Love, Jessica & Shane

Two Become One.Pam & Tony

Two Lives One Love,Jennifer & Garrett

Happy in Love,Marina & Ross

When Two Become One, Jennifer & Zane

Happily Ever After,Brittany & Marcus

Happy in Love, Jessica & Kevin

To Have and To Kiss,Amber & Eric

Two Hearts,One Love,Nicole & Brian

Forever Starts Now,Allison & Jason

On This Day,Sunny & Mike

Now and Forever,Courtney & Brandon

Let The Journey Begin, John & Mickey

To Have and To Hold,Brittney & Ryan

Two Became One,Danielle & Jacob

From This Day Forward,Nikki & Dustin

Love Begins Here,Lisa & Chris

So Happy Together,Cassie & Eric

Just the Two of Us Beth & Richard